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.NET Framework (pronounced dot net) is a software framework developed by Microsoft that runs primarily on Microsoft Windows. It includes a large class library named Framework Class Library (FCL) and provides language interoperability (each language can use code written in other languages) across several programming languages. Programs written for .NET Framework execute in a software environment (in contrast to a hardware environment) named Common Language Runtime (CLR), an application virtual machine that provides services such as security, memory management, and exception handling. (As such, computer code written using .NET Framework is called "managed code".) FCL and CLR together constitute .NET Framework.We are about to launch a new web-hosted (SaaS model) HR solution package, .MORE, for small and medium size businesses. The .MORE product suite is built completely on the Microsoft technologies, such as IIS, .NET framework, C#, SQL Server etc. We also widely use these technologies for external client projects for various kinds of application domains, from financial to streaming media & advertisement, from social networking to project bidding and more.

Website development company, Within the .NET team we have a dedicated group of developers, QA engineers, designers and project managers, who are trained to be specialists in the related technologies.