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Multimedia is the most dynamic way to put forth your marketing message

A creatively developed multimedia presentation can give life to the most insipid of topics. At Marat Technology, we employ the latest animation software and techniques to create engaging multimedia demos for a variety of purposes. Media service, sales demos to corporate movies, software product presentations, online demos, touch-screen kiosks, CBT modules or curtain raiser movies, a multimedia demo can be used to incite interest in the viewer.

We provide end-to-end solutions in developing multimedia presentations. From conceptualizing, script development, voiceover recording, graphic design, animation, video recording, editing and music composing, we can handle the entire spectrum of services for you.

Creating captivating movie experience in 2D

The charming powers of 2D animations are such that they are liked by every age group. From a toddler to a corporate head, everyone enjoys a well-animated 2D movie. Marat Technology has considerable expertise in developing flash based 2D movies for a variety of purposes – from explainer videos to cartoon animations, e-learning demos and television commercials.

We have world-class illustrators, flash animators and post-production professionals in our team to serve your every 2D animation needs. So be it the internet, television or movie medium, we can just be the right provider to handle your 2D animation project.

Pretty amazing productions that were done with Harmony using traditional and paperless mages that can loop is very useful for this kind of effect.2d traditional animation on paper, paperless (digitally) frame-by-frame, or cut-out puppet animation. We can help achieve the style you want, whether you’re drawing frame-by-frame or creating cut-out characters. You can also benefit from our expertise to surpass what you thought could be done with animation.